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Being Happy Builds Character

Remember to live in the moment

There is a movie on Vimeo, it’s beautiful. It captured the twitching of leaves in a slight breeze with the sun behind it, the sound of birds. Then the film maker captures a moment of laughter, an every  day view out the window of a train turned entrancing through the magic of lighting and simple music. Simple words appear strategically in aesthetic places in the scene on the screen. The film maker’s message in this work of art is to go out and experience the world, see beauty and art in everyday life in your world, whatever that may be. See colors, experience sounds, appreciate all of your senses. It encourages the viewer to get away from the addicting vessel through which you found this video, and get out into the world. Break the grip of the mind melting glow of the screen in front of you, which you probably have with you wherever you go. And watching this, you think to yourself  “You know what? You are right Vimeo user! I should change my ways! I should pull up the blinds and throw open the window and breath some fresh air! But first I wonder what else you’ve done. And the window stays closed and the blinds stay down because you don’t want to get a glare on your screen from the sun that you are experiencing through someone else’s eyes. You want to see how other’s perceive the world, because you’ve forgotten how.


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