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This week, my brain was infested with earworms. It was terrible. They tickled my brain, made it itch. That maddening itch of your toe in a hard shoe, or under a cast. An itch that went on and on and on. Then, when I would finally scratch it with that satisfying scratch, it would jump. Those conniving little parasites would magically appear somewhere else in some other form and tickle and taunt and drove me slightly madddddddd…….


It all started last month. I went to a Murder by Death concert with my friends for my birthday. I went from liking them to developing a small obsession. I’ve been listening to their albums non stop ever since. The first song that got stuck in my head was I Came Around.

First I just enjoyed the endless repeat in my head. It’s a really good song! I didn’t even try to get rid of it. Then, it became relentless. I started feeling like I was gonna pull my hair out, I even went so far as to pull out my phone at work and start playing it for the chef who was working at the time. I got home and tried listening to the album all the way through. Well the song just changed into another song.

They are an amazing band. Their lyrics are poetry! If I was gonna have a band stuck in my head, one that I aspire to write like was not a bad one. One other benefit was that I was able to get by Dad hooked on them as well.

Listening to the songs wasn’t working. So I decided to try listening to another band, something a bit more mellow but still amazing. So I found myself dancing around my room crying at the beauty of Simon and Garfunkel.

I was a little surprised at how moved I was by their music. Another group with the amazing talent to produce deep, meaningful, and beautiful lyrics. The Boxer was another one that was seriously like torture, cause I don’t know all the words.

Then my lovely step sister Emily showed me another song, which has been playing EVERYWHERE. It’s seriously inescapable.  At least it’s a pretty good song, I can see why everyone and their dog is listening to it.

I finally found the cure. It was Iron and Wine that rid me of my tortured mind’s earworm infestation.

But I would hate to end this post without making all of you suffer as well, sooooo


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