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The DE’s Official Weekly Schedule

This is The Daily Entertainment. Key word in there is “Daily.” Our goal is to entertain on a daily basis….obviously. It’s pretty tough to think of something new everyday. These posts are intensive and pull all our creative energy, and a LOT of our time. A mediocre post can take a half hour to an hour to get done.  A really awesome post, that flows well can take anywhere from two and a half, to 4 hours. So the Assistant and I have created a weekly schedule to ease up some of the pressure and creative tension. This schedule is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions please let us know! Our goal is to enlighten, inspire, uplift and (of course) to entertain.

  • Music Video Monday

Referred to as MVM, every Monday we pick a theme, and find you a selection of music videos that circle around that theme. We will NEVER post a video that is just a frozen picture, BORING!


  • Best of Tuesday

Every Tuesday we pick someone, or something to feature. And bring to you the best of what the internet has to offer.


  • “What we talking about?” Wednesday

The day to talk about the latest hot topics, like how Miley Cyrus is going to bomb Syria, or what’s the latest TED talk? See any cool articles lately?


  • Exploration Thursday

Thursday. That feeling of being so close and yet so far. The freedom of Friday is so close you can taste it. Side effects of this day are: restlessness, cabin fever, and in severe cases, submission and apathy.

Well, we have the cure. Formerly known as Stumble Thursday, Exploration Thursday has the same charm, but gives us more to work with. So buckle in, and prepare to explore the far reaches of the World Wide Web, and, as always, have a good laugh.

  • T.G.I. Frickin Friday

The glorious day of Friday knows no bounds. We’ll bring you the best we got. Whether that’s a rant about the glories of Firefly, or the funniest memes we can find, or maybe just a fantastic youtube video we’ve found, we will bring the joy to you.


  • Saturday’s Battle Royal

Versus Saturday is probably one of the most unique things about our blog. It all began at 2 am one random night. I, The Boss, was texting some two friends trying to stay awake and be social. I hadn’t posted anything that day and my rule is the day isn’t over until I’ve gone bed, so I was determined to get something done before I passed out. I was delirious mind you, exhausted. But I had two friends waiting for that day’s post. So I did picked two random videos I loved in high school and created a theme Old Ladies vs. The Easter Bunny. I thought it was one of the worst posts I’ve ever done, but to this day, it still gets the most organic views. So, we tried the concept again, Cookie Monster vs. Col. Gaddafi (the Assistant did that one while I was on vacation). And that one was pretty good as well! So we’re keeping it going. The End.

  • Feel Good Sunday

Every Sunday we bring to you something to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.



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