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Down the rabbit hole: Over the hedge


Well I set off to write a post about Foxes specifically, because of this YouTube sensation:

Which I will admit, I fell in love with when my step sister Emily showed it to me. It immediately reminded me of THIS video (which I will take any excuse to use):

So then I fell into the rabbit hole of YouTube wildlife videos. So I will try to organize them as best I can.

First of all I saw this video while looking for something to tease this post with on the Facebook page (check it out),

It made it into the post because the way this guy was talking reminded me of this:


Since we’re on the subject of bears…

Ok, now let’s talk about man’s best friend

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about Christian the lion before. Such a touching reunion. I would recommend spending the time and watching the full documentary. It kills me when people say that animals don’t have feelings. They obviously have never seen anything like this.

Man’s not so much best friend

I could go on and on, but let’s wrap it up with an answer to the question posed, what DOES the fox say? This Jim Carrey wanna-be has the answer!









































No you’re not. You’re disloyal.


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