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Being Happy Builds Character

Motivation: coping with anxiety

Crippling anxiety is a very interesting thing to deal with. There are times when I get so anxious that I am too afraid to leave the house. Which is totally … Continue reading

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The Government shuts down and Tinder raids Libya

Unless you live under a rock, or only read or watch things pertaining to cats, you have probably heard that the government has shut down. The republicans are holding our … Continue reading

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Down the rabbit hole: Over the hedge

Well I set off to write a post about Foxes specifically, because of this YouTube sensation: Which I will admit, I fell in love with when my step sister Emily … Continue reading

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This week, my brain was infested with earworms. It was terrible. They tickled my brain, made it itch. That maddening itch of your toe in a hard shoe, or under … Continue reading

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MVM presents: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

WARNING: This post contains some language and videos that contain LOTS of language and some inappropriate content…. but it’s still awesome… But I don’t condone swearing…. don’t swear…. or do … Continue reading

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Turning 23 vs. Taking the GRE

So it’s a big day for both the Assistant AND myself. He is taking the GRE. I am turning 23. Who is cooler? Warning: I have no time for this … Continue reading

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I want that

I remember my first encounter with a tablet addict. I met this 18 year old freshman while waiting for class to start. He’s a sweet kid and we became friends. … Continue reading

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